once one of my best friends told me that i was wearing too much makeup (i was wearing lip gloss and mascara) and told me that i should have a look that’s more like my other friend (who wears a full face of makeup every day) as she looks more natural and that moment made me realize that men truly do not understand what makeup looks like

Purple: 10 facts about my room.
Blue: 9 facts about my family.
Green: 8 facts about my body
Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
Orange: 6 facts about my home town.
Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).
Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
White: 3 facts about my personality.
Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like.


saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

spiffymuffin asked:

omg have you seen the youtube video of the lady who instructs women to pleasure their man with a grapefruit? the post you just reblogged reminded me of that. AT LEAST I THINK IT WAS A GRAPEFRUIT





I have not seen that YouTube video, and I’m kind of surprised you remember that. I shall go search for it and post my results

I found it…


Not saying I wouldn’t try it, but wouldn’t that sting?


Brings a new meaning to tossing a salad? :D